Epoxy Hardener–AERS® 7013

Product Description:

AERS™7013 is aqueous solution of modified aliphatic amine adduct without any co-solvent.


  1. Quick reaction
  2. Low odour, environmental friendly
  3. Good water resistance and salt-fog resistance

Product Technical Specification:


  1. The products can be used for several millimeter coating self-leveling and high filling flooring with good durability and adhesion.
  2. Fast curing, high hardness and gloss.
  3. The product is used by mixed with solid epoxy emulsion to improve the water retardants at recommended ratio 80%.
  4. AERSTM7013 can be diluted by water. But it is not stable at the warm storage below 30% diluted by water and recovers at room temperature.

Package and Storage:

1.Package specifications: 50kg and 200kg

We suggest customers to store the products in original closed containers under 0℃-40℃. This product has high stability with more than 12 months shelf-life.  The viscosity may drop during storage, but there is no effect on its use.

2.Keep the product under anti-freezing environment to avoid possible freezing.