Impact Resistance Modifier–VCE

Product Description:

VCE resin is compolymerized by vinyl chloride monomer and various acrylates as one additive with its impact resistance. It has good compatibility with PVC, characteristics like process acrylate (ACR) and impact resistant acrylate (AM). Its impact resistance and weather resistance is better than CPE.



  1. High impact resistance
  2. Good weather resistance
  3. High transparency
  4. Flame retardant, insulation and anti-corrosion


Product Technical Specification:

Package and Storage:

VCE resins must be stored in a ventilated and dry place without direct sunlight at room temperature (under 25℃)



VCE resin can fully or practically replace the modifiers such as processing ACR, impact resistant AM, CPE and MBS to improve the performances of processing and impact resistance in hard PVC pipe, section bar and transparent products. It can efficiently save the cost for the downstream producers according to its less consumption, lower processing temperature and underrating of devices.